Denes Ujvari is a highly talented editor with whom I have made a number of films on Avid. He is not only highly accomplished technically but very sensitive to the material he is presented with as well as being a great story teller in his own right. Much of what we have done together has been of a very emotional nature and I think what I love most about Denes's work is his commitment to not only getting the story right but also to be as sensitive as possible to the subjects involved. It is always a pleasure working with Denes because he is fun to be with but also anyone can rest assured that he will get the very best out of the material he is presented with. He has individual flair in plenty but he is also a team player. As I say he is technically highly accomplished and flies an Avid like a pilot in a stunt plane but loop de loops and victory rolls are nothing if there is not heart and passion in the mix as well. With Denes you get the full package and I have no hesitation in recommending him as an editor and look forward to the day when he and I will make a film together again.

Chris Terrill / Uppercut Films Ltd / Documentary Film Maker/Director

Denes worked as Editor for the Wimbledon Official Film when I was the Director/Producer. I have to say this was one of the most fulfilling documentary edit experiences in my career. Not only was Denes outstanding from a technical point of view, he was so enthusiastic and a breath of fresh air in a rather stressful situation. I really look forward to working with him once again in the future!

Cathy Jones / Flashcat Productions / Film maker-Photographer

I am very pleased to be able to give this recommendation for Denes's work. I first engaged Denes to edit a TVC that was on a tight deadline and needed immediate professional editing. Denes was accommodating, professional and also a real pleasure to work with. I'm not from the industry so Denes really had an up hill battle with me as he needed to not only provide an edited version but he also found that he needed to educate me on what he was doing. We have continued to utilise Denes's services for various projects and therefore cannot recommend him highly enough. Please feel free to contact myself on 0404 023 773 if you would like to talk to me directly.

Jason Edwards / VaultID Group Ltd / CEO - Founder

I have no hesitation in recommending Denes for another position, he left the company on very good terms and was an incredibly hard worker.

Over the years Denes put his heart and soul into taking the words off a page and pictures from camera crew and literally crafting them into stories. A good editor can cut a sharp package but a great editor feels the story and lifts it to a higher level - Denes did this on a daily basis. His dedication to the position was highlighted during COVID second wave in Melbourne where he cut 7 - 10 minute lead stories every day.

I wish Denes well and hope to see him again in the future.

Fiona Dear / Nine Entertainment / Executive Producer A Current Affair