My Work My Vision.

It's all about Storytelling.

As a professional Film/Video Editor, being passionate about my work has helped me to advance and succeed in this competitive field in Europe, Britain and Australia.

I have edited in video production houses and international television from the BBC, LTA-Wimbledon, TransWorldInternational, Nine Network, SBS and Network Ten and Channel 7.
I know the importance of paying attention to the story that each project wants to tell, a valuable lesson that has led me to quality work in diverse projects, and the experience of working alongside incredible collaborators.

Harnessing a lifetime of skills acquired from creating award winning  presentation videos  and documentaries, I use imagination, creativity, detail and  hard work to personalise every project.

Motivated and committed to my craft, I am able to transform footage into a creative production that leaves an impact on the audience.

Contact me if you have a project in mind and you’d like to collaborate. I am available for freelance and contract jobs both on location and at my studio.